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September 1st, 2013 · No Comments

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Brand Ambassador for AnalyticsSEO

September 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Nick Garner: Brand Ambassador AnalyticsSEO

I have become a brand ambassador for AnalyticsSEO! I’m very honoured, so thanks Laurence :-) (He’s the CEO)

The upshot of this is to help out on the product roadmap and to get out there and speak at various conferences and meetups about SEO and of course AnalyticsSEO – a product I love and have lots of respect for.

Analytics SEO is very good if you are working across a lot of sites and you need to make sense of the ‘Big SEO Data’ that has to be processed to get onsite and some offsite SEO chores sorted out. I am specifically interested in the linkbuilding side where they have already got a raft of new features in late testing / early beta. This is all very exciting, but what I’m really looking forward to is the project roadmap around what I call the ‘Blueprint’ process for link building.

Whilst I cant make any promises, the intention is to work out how to estimate the number, type, velocity of links and go prospecting for the sites needed to rank on a given phrase, then when certain numbers are added, then predict the actual costs of a project. The other cool thing is that there are about 20,000 sites being tracked for rankings with analyticsSEO. So one of the big ideas is to begin to layer up inbound links, relevance of those links by crawling them and velocity of the links over time. This way we can look at cause and effect of given linkbuilding activities to some degree.

Of course with search engines its easy to scratch the surface with a few indices and think you have a decent degree of predictive correlation, when in fact you are just barking up a misleading tree, but accounting for that, I know links get you ranked and so far I have been fortunate to procure the right links to get some excellent rankings internationally, so I’m confidant that if we don’t get too ‘clever’ and keep awake, then we can nail a decent model and thus make the whole linkbuilding process easier to do.

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Brighton SEO Session on Penguin

September 16th, 2012 · No Comments

I did a  presentation at BrightonSEO with AnalyticsSEO on Penguin where I outlined some ideas:

  • Google is a middleman. They sit between a user and a business and the gateway is adwords. teh greater the competition for the ‘connection’ the greater the adwords cost.
  • More revenue for them (assuming flat market share) is directly from squeezing search results for revenue i.e. fewer competing middlemen (affiliates) getting the clicks
  • A link is a vote. Once most sites had the power of a vote, now only relatively few sites have ‘voting power’ and this is where you need ‘big SEO data’ to keep up
  • The importance of ‘link velocity’ so you are similar to competing sites, but not to prominent such that you woudl get flagged up by Google
  • How to budget for your SEO project…
This is probably one of the most time consuming presentations I have had to put together for some time, since I wanted to get my facts right and get the presentation to ‘flow’ properly. I always aim for something deeply informative and entertaining, so I hope this presentation was just that….
BTW – BrightonSEO was great fun and ran very smoothly. Brighton is a great place for a conference like this and I’m looking forward being there to next year!
PS. Thanks Hannah for your detailed  write up. I know link buying is controversial, but unfortunately its a reality in some sectors…

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Crossmedia 2012 Speaking on Mobile Search Strategies

September 10th, 2012 · No Comments

I had the pleasure of speaking at CrossMedia2012 on Mobile SEO.

It’s a hot subject these days…and its one that confuses a lot of people. In this PPT, I go through whats actually going on with mobile search and hopefully dispell some misunderstandings.

Essentially mobile search is desktop search. I go into why this is the case and also highlight some interesting stuff about Google effectively allowing cloaking/terrible user experiences with mobile. search.

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August 19th, 2012 · No Comments

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rebecca Liggero from the other day. We covered a bunch of stuff around SEO and affilaite marketing. It made sense to really go for it, so I have done as much disclosure as I reasonably can. I hope you like it! Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2

Editorial commentary from the video page:

The goal of the notorious Google updates are to shift search results in a way to improve user experience and also allow Google to operate as the middle man and drive traffic to adwords.

Therefore, the goal of every Google update is to make more money.

Just about anyone who has an internet connection is affected by Google updates as they are released, but its affiliate or “middle man” sites are the ones that have felt the most pain after the latest Panda and Penguin updates.

The Panda update was all about duplicate content and nailed larger sites with many pages, so the casualties in affiliate land were minimal. The real killer for smaller affiliate sites was the Penguin update that zeroed-in on link profiles and penalized sites that were over-optimizing, using “artificial links” and other link building techniques that Google doesn’t approve of.

So why have affiliates sites become the bullseye of the update casualties this time?

“Affiliates are the middle men!” explains Garner, “The big effort here is to push out spammy sites – Google wants them out of the ecosystem”. An ecosystem that makes Google money through adwords, that is.

Further proof that Google is getting better and better at funneling traffic through adwords is the fact that their market share has been fairly steady in the UK, yet their revenue is growing 35% year on year in this market.

The explanation for this massive increase in revenue? Google is successfully pushing out the middle men.

Garner also points out that even if Google search results aren’t the most user friendly when compared to other search engines, Google has done a great job of branding themselves and people love the brand.

“Google has been super clever in building a massive brand halo around the search engine- Android, Google+, Google Docs, Google Maps, Gmail…Google will sacrifice search quality for money and users won’t leave because of all the other things going on at Google”, explains Garner.

Google does like forums and review sites, however. The “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT concept has proven that users now investigate on average 11 sources before deciding on which product to purchase. Seeing as internet users these days are very savvy and can navigate the internet like a second language, users can spot “bullshit” a mile away. This is where forums and review sites come into play…and Google hopes that the user will reach their product of choice through adwords which, of course, makes them more money.

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Figaro Digital Conference London 2012

July 17th, 2012 · No Comments

Figaro is a conference and event organiser for the online marketing community and this year they organised a really fun and informative conference here in London.

The theme was the rise of online PR in search. Essentially the thesis is that search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated to the point where its getting very difficult to use the old SEO tactics like relatively untargeted linkbuying and the like. Therefore the best way to get ahead is to get into doing Online PR – with a push i.e. have a good calling card in the form of noteworthy content and push it out there with effective outreach.

I had some great feedback on this presentation. I think it was because I made a point of making it as funny as possible but keeping the content very solid actionable and informative. Altogether it was a really well run & fun conference with a lovely atmosphere.

Here is a video of my presentation

Video of my presentation

The Slideshare version
Figaro Digital’s conference site

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