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Biggest bang for inbound link placement

February 5th, 2007 · No Comments

ibts.jpgI have been linkbuilding today. I have access to a 3rd party doner web site which has been used for advertising promotions and I have been linking and setting up permamant redirects to another site to get it ranked for certain keywords.

This promo site has never been SEO optimised and has never solicited for SEO traffic. It is simply there to land incoming affiliate / PPC / Banner advertising.

But Google has given page rank to about 130 pf these pages and Yahoo has ranked this site well across the board.

So I am re organising these pages and redirecting them to my other site.

Here is the clever bit (I think) I have looked at the doner page and worked out the content and then I go to google and do a site wide search on my own site for the keywords I want ranked i.e. ‘widget1 widget2′ the search string is:

widget1 widget2

And the 1st one that comes up on the list is obviously the best page to link to for your chosen keywords, since it is google’s take on which page is the most important for a search on that phrase.

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Dabs *ucking awful customer service !!!

February 2nd, 2007 · No Comments

read this and you decide wether they want me as a buyer

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
You have been connected to Philip .
Philip : Good afternoon, how may we help you?
Nicholas Garner: Hi – just very quickly, the acer notebook Acer Aspire 7003WSMi
Nicholas Garner: tis comes with a vista upgrade disk ?

Philip : Please see the specification for all items included
Nicholas Garner:……..
Nicholas Garner: it doesnt say wether I get a disk automatically or wether I have to appily for one ….. its unclear
Nicholas Garner: I click for an upgrade yetit imtimates that its automatically sent with the package
Nicholas Garner: I have to run right now, can you leave youre reply here for my return? thanks
Philip : We are sorry but we are unable to offer pre-sales advice above and beyond the information which is listed on our website. We can only suggest that you contact the manufacturers for further advice.
Nicholas Garner: you are very, very , very unhelpful – are you even a human or are you a bot ? becaseu this is useless support !
Philip : I am a human being
Philip : Thank you for using this service. Goodbye.
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

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Be heard!

January 31st, 2007 · No Comments

here in the UK we now have a e-petitions website where anyone from the UK can vote on issues concerning them – the big one right now is vehicle tracking and road pricing.

For more on road pricing see here

And to go to the e petitions go here??

I think road pricing falls into the same category as:

Sadly here inthe UK , things are getting worse in terms of housing costs and over regulation from the government….maybe its australia for me !

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January 30th, 2007 · No Comments

david-ogilvy.jpgfollowing on from the last post, I found a very nice article on David Ogilvy and I thought I would share it with you.

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Hey, don’t forget about the conversions! PT 3

January 28th, 2007 · No Comments

Comment from
Michael’s comment about: Hey, don’t forget about the conversions! PT 2

(hes referring to a typo I made) It was Ogilvy on advertising, not Oglevy, and this was written in the relative stoneage – 1983 – bublished first 2 years later – by a guy who set up shop in 1949 and to him – Televison was brand new. A wonderful book. Advertising is dead. PR is king. SEO is not about ads – it is about eanbling people to discover you site. Try suggesting ???The Fall of Avertising & the Rise of PR by some people who are still alive Al and Laura Ries. (see amazon here

Why people like you actually think you can write copy that will magically make me decide to make an impulse buy, I have no idea what you are smoking.

I search for my keywords when I am shopping – all one can do is STD (stack the deck) to bring me to their site so I can find what I am looking for – once I am there, no amount of the rubbish you describe above would sway me one way or another.

That what I think, perhaps I am in too big of a hurry.

SEP Guy comment:
Just clearing up a few small things. I cant type very well and im usually short on time hence the typos. But importantly good ideas dont really change that much with time – hence the claude hopkins book being so relevant for response driven advertising and marketing.

On the PR point, I agree to a great extent – link baiting is PR , web style, and it works really well. Interestingly I have real problems finding good online PR people to work with. And if it did, I could give them a ton of work.

Re the copywriting thing. I have tried recently to get 2 important content provision companies to write up stuff that is persuasive and to no avail . And on the pay per click side, I have been working with one of the PPC biggest agencies here in the UK and they just produced really mediocre stuff….So I have got on with it and begun writing content (under duress). At least its better than the ‘professionals’

Michael is right about copywriting – its a great skill, but you know, persuasive copy does?? not sell in isolation. it simply adds to momentum. A salesman wont sell you soemthing you dont want, likewise for a copywriter.

And following on from that, SEO will hopefully draw out the person who more or less wants what I have got to offer and good informative momentum building content will turn at least one in 75 of them into a customer.

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Link Love, Paid for advertising and Yahoo

January 27th, 2007 · No Comments

Just a quick one.

Looking through some stats, rankings and keywords being used to accss a particular site driven only by advertising and affiliate links, i noticed how yahoo was giving a reasonable amount of link love to the site.

Anyway I found that comparing the top search terms for this promotional site, only Yahoo was ranking for these. Google was no where to be seen. But saying that, many of the pages were getting page ranks of 5.
What does that tell me ? Yahoo are passing on the link love? I don’t know ….

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